A House Called HelenThe Development of Hospice Care for Children

A House Called HelenThe Development of Hospice Care for Children

Jacqueline Worswick

Print publication date: 2011

ISBN: 9780192632357

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The concept of a children's hospice, seen as innovative when the first, Helen House, opened in Oxford in 1982, is now well established, and the growth in the number of children's hospices has seen corresponding important developments in the field of paediatric palliative care. This book provides an account of how Helen House came into being. It records the events surrounding the foundation of the hospice and how it stemmed directly from what was learnt from the events following the sudden illness of the author's eldest daughter Helen, after whom the hospice was named. The book sets out the philosophy that underpinned the hospice, which was taken up as the guiding philosophy of children's hospice care. It describes the hospice's operational framework and details the service provided by Helen House. The book provides valuable insight into the needs of the families who use hospice services and touches both on the difficulties they face caring, often over a long period of time, for a child with a life-limiting illness, and on the role and attitudes of professionals and indeed of the public at large. In this new edition, an additional chapter reviews the growth of children's hospices and reflects on the challenges they face in their maturity. It considers the development of children's hospice care in relation to wider service provision and examines current and future issues surrounding the care of children with life-limiting illness.