Child Welfare ResearchAdvances for Practice and Policy

Child Welfare ResearchAdvances for Practice and Policy

Duncan Lindsey and Aron Shlonsky

Print publication date: 2009

ISBN: 9780195304961

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Research has already been a significant factor in child welfare policy in recent years, but this book demonstrates that it has taken a leading role in the field to spur and guide change. The chapters in this book assess the effect of research on the full spectrum of child welfare services. The book covers every base. The opening chapters situate child welfare research in the modern context; they are followed by discussions of evidence-based practice in the field, arguably its most pressing concern now. Recent years have seen historic rises in the number of children adopted through public agencies and, accordingly, permanent placement and family ties are critical topics that occupy the book's core, along with chapters broaching the thorny questions that surround decision-making and risk assessment. The urgent need for a more effective use of research and evidence is highlighted again with looks at the future of child protection and how concrete data can influence policy and help children. Finally, in recognition of the growing importance of a global view, closing chapters address international issues in child welfare research, including an examination of policies from abroad and a multinational comparison of the economic challenges facing single mothers and their children.

Table of Contents

Child Welfare Research: An Introduction

Duncan Lindsey, Aron Shlonsky, and Alan McLuckie

Part I Child Welfare Research in Context

13 Improving Social Work Practice Through the Use of Technology and Advanced Research Methods

Ira M. Schwartz, Peter R. Jones, David R. Schwartz, and Zoran Obradovic

16 Self-Evaluation: Using Data to Guide Policy and Practice in Public Child Welfare Agencies

Daniel Webster, Charles L. Usher, Barbara Needell, and Judith Wildfire

17 Comparing Welfare and Child Welfare Populations: An Argument for Rethinking the Safety Net

Mark E. Courtney, Amy Dworsky, Irving Piliavin, and Steven McMurtry

End Matter