High StakesThe Critical Role of Stakeholders in Health Care

High StakesThe Critical Role of Stakeholders in Health Care

David A. Shore

Print publication date: 2011

ISBN: 9780195326253

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Modern healthcare has become a system of conflicts, in which diverse groups pursue their own interests at the risk of the system at large. Insurance providers want to reduce their payments, HMOs want to bring in more profit, research groups want to advance their agendas, and no one wants to work together. This book argues that when these stakeholders jockey for position, what results is the “tragedy of the commons”: the breakdown of the healthcare system as a whole by the competition of its parts. This book uses real-world examples to illustrate the fragile state of the healthcare system today, and offers feasible solutions to repair the system while making better business sense for the individual stakeholders. By working together to increase healthcare coverage, quality of care and patient satisfaction, the book contends that each player will ultimately make much greater gains than if they'd fought alone. At the same time, an improved, unified system increases the public's trust in the healthcare enterprise, which in turn makes better business sense for everyone.