Truancy Prevention and InterventionA Practical Guide

Truancy Prevention and InterventionA Practical Guide

Lynn Bye, Michelle E. Alvarez, Janet Haynes, and Cindy E. Sweigart

Print publication date: 2010

ISBN: 9780195398496

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Research has shown that truancy is frequently associated with juvenile crime and dropping out of school altogether. With the high dropout rate in the U.S. and the No Child Left Behind Act holding schools accountable for their dropout rates, it is essential for school social workers to contribute to their schools' improvement plan in meeting annual yearly progress benchmarks. This book covers best practices in truancy at the community, school, and student/family levels of interventions. It provides a reference guide to research-based programs and truancy program implementation. Beginning with an introduction to the essentials of truancy, its causes and consequences, and state and federal legislation, the authors then give readers a snapshot of what research has shown to work so far and what adaptations might look like in various school settings. Richly detailed case examples illustrate multiple levels of intervention, from the school-wide prevention and general policy levels, to remedial interventions, including culturally competent approaches.