Building Research Culture and Infrastructure

Building Research Culture and Infrastructure

Ruth G. McRoy, Jerry P. Flanzer, and Joan Levy Zlotnik

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780195399646

Publisher: Oxford University Press


McRoy, Flanzer and Zlotnik (and contributing author Lewis) in Building Research Culture and Infrastructure Tools for Social Workers provide information for social work schools and departments at various levels of research capacity, to not only examine or re-examine their research climate and culture, but to also assess their readiness to further enhance their research environment. A summary of the historical background of the development of social work research in colleges and universities is provided as well as very specific resources and tips for enhancing involvement of BSW, MSW and PhD social work faculty in research. The authors report on the current climate and status of research infrastructures and enterprise in social work education programs, weaving in information provided by faculty, deans and research administrators, obtained through a questionnaire and interview process. Faculty scenarios illustrating barriers to achieving their research funding goals are addressed along with current examples of specific steps to address these barriers at selected universities. Clear differences between PhD and non-PhD granting institutions in the types of opportunities and strategies for engaging in research, and related issues of financing and administrative support are addressed. Practical tips for grant writing, and seeking federal, state and foundation support make this book not only a guide for building research infrastructure for faculty, deans and university administrators, but it is also a good “ how to” resource for seeking research support itself.