Hilbert Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory

Hilbert Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory

Haruzo Hida

Print publication date: 2007

ISBN: 9780198571025

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The 1995 work by Wiles and Taylor-Wiles opened up a whole new technique in algebraic number theory and, a decade on, the waves caused by this incredibly important work are still being felt. This book describes a generalization of their techniques to Hilbert modular forms (towards the proof of the celebrated ‘R=T’ theorem) and applications of the theorem that have been found. Applications include a proof of the torsion of the adjoint Selmer group (over a totally real field F and over the Iwasawa tower of F) and an explicit formula of the L-invariant of the arithmetic p-adic adjoint L-functions. This implies the torsion of the classical anticyclotomic Iwasawa module of a CM field over the Iwasawa algebra. When specialized to an elliptic Tate curve over F by the L-invariant formula, the invariant of the adjoint square of the curve has exactly the same expression as the one in the conjecture of Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum (which is for the standard L-function of the elliptic curve and is now a theorem of Greenberg-Stevens).