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Goddess Explained—Perspectives from the West

Goddess Explained—Perspectives from the West

(p.9) 1 Goddess Explained—Perspectives from the West
Vicissitudes of the Goddess
Sree Padma
Oxford University Press

One of the aims of this chapter is to discern reasons for the historical discrepancy between the veritable and sustained popularity of village goddesses on the one hand, and the reluctance to acknowledge the status of goddesses as independent deities by religious leaders, missionaries and academic cultural and religious historians on the other. The second aim is to show how post colonial scholarship, for the most part, critiqued colonial scholarly categories of the religion involving gramadevatas and proposed newer ones with the intention of interpreting Indian society and religion in more realistic terms. This chapter also discusses the methodology followed in the successive chapters.

Keywords:   christian missionaries, colonial scholarship, indology, aryan, dravidian, indus, vedic, puranic, sanskritic, popular goddess, village goddesses

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